Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bay of Fundy Country

This is a dream come true for me, ever since sitting in Irish Studies class with Professor Cyril Byrne at St. Mary's University in Halifax and hearing the many sights and sounds of the ancient bards and poets,Olaves and minstrels,I've felt in my soul to create a project where this all could be on display.I thought of writing a book but that didn't pan out,then there was a photoproject but that all came down to having photoshop know how.So talking to day with Mike gave me the idea of blogging it, consolidating it all into a blog package and since Ive been here on my blog room now for five years or so, and  I get great comfort in the idea. So,here it is.I have complete assurance that the material can be as original,inspiring and informative as I would like it.I want others to experience the beauty that the tides, the air, the water, and the land extend to us all.The gathering of this information and the journey will be mentioned from time to time.I sold Celtic garden rocks at one point to buy gas for my old VW pop-up camper van in Truro and Moncton to buy the gas for two photoshoots.My deep gratification towards Co-Op stores for their support.Also Allan Silliboy of Millbrook Reserve thank you for your support and the hairdressers of Liz's Salon in Truro, thanks!!!The Fairtrade Cafe where I camped out many nights singing to releive the frustration of designing and planning the next photo trip during that summer,my heartfilled thanks.To Les whom I never met who's wife sold me the camper to do the project in many good wishes.I know he would love this project and is looking over us from above in smiles.
My deepest gratitude to Dr.Winston Barnwell for awakening my Celtic soul and teaching me "the magic is real.Love you always.
Having grown up on the Bay it seemed the perfect stage to set my poets and bards into action.The tribal call of my ancestors will be heard here,the beauty of story from growing up there may be heard as well.Not only from me but from poets like Bliss Carmen, a photo from Mary Mikea,from Mary's Point, or a quote from Harry Thurston, one of my maritime heroes.
So lets be on our way.Above is a rainbow off the skies of Moncton and so we shall begin in the southern shores of New Brunswick, not far from my childhood town of Hopewell Cape,work along the Minus basin of Nova Scotia and wind up on the far shores of Brier Island.This is about the countryside and the peoples of The Bay of Fundy.From the shores of Germany, they came France,Holland, England,Ireland and Scotland to name a few.They fished they did carpentry work,gardening, and created a wonderland of culture rich in its history.They lived in harmony with tidal rivers,salmon,sea bass,smelts and mackerel and marsh grasses effortlessly blowing up out of dark rich muddy shores.The tides were quick and so the living reflected this in the way the people lived.Early to rise to plan around the tides and the ways of the moon.
For a more indepth study of the ways of the people and practises around tidal living I suggest you read Harry Thurstons amazing book titled "Tidal Life" a natural history of the Bay of Fundy.